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The Smart Plug Remote is paired with the Smart Plug.  The most common use for this product by hard-of- hearing, deaf, or sound-sensitive people is to connect a lamp or other lighting source to the Smart Plug.  This allows the lamp to light up if someone pushes the Wireless Doorbell.   Make your home a “Smart” home by using these Deaf-Friendly products.

You can press the “ON” button on the remote, and it will turn on the lamp.  If you press the “OFF” button, it will turn off the lamp lighting and flashing.  Multiple matched sockets can be remote controlled at the same time.

The remote control distance is about 150 meters (~500 feet) in open space.  This product uses two 23A, 12V batteries.

Please note: Batteries not included with non-kit items.  (Batteries included for kits only)

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in


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