Remote control alert & Lighting socket adapter


This product is a socket with wireless signal receiving function. The plug of the table lamp or the floor lamp is inserted into the socket at first , and then the socket A0639 own plug is inserted into the table lamp or floor lamp’s original socket. After it be matched with a remote control switch A0635, press “ ON ” or “OFF” button on the remote control switch A0635 can turn on or off the lamp lighting, directly press the socket ‘s own switch button can turn on or off the lamp lighting too.
The socket A0639 can also be used as a wireless receiver matched with VP transmitter A022 or BT transmitter A011. No matter the lamp is lighting or off, the socket A0639 will turn on the lamp flashing to alert the user have a videophone calls or have guests visit or have a emergency call when receiving the wireless signal from VP transmitter A022 or BT transmitter A011, press the “OFF” button on the remote switch A0635 or the socket own switch can stop the lamp flashing and the lamp automatically return to the previous state, or wait until the lamp flashing is automatically completed, The lamp will automatically return to the previous lighting or off state. That is to say ,the lamp connected the socket A639 can be used as a lighting and a alert flasher without affecting each other.
The remote control distance of about 150 meters in open space

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Weight 0.6125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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