About Us

About the Founder

I was born deaf and grew up in Khon Kean, one of 4 major cities in Thailand.

I studied in the School for the Deaf and graduated in the 1980’s. I dreamed of going to New York. When the opportunity presented itself, I went for it and headed to New York City.

I attended Murry Bergturam High School.  I plan to go Gallaudet University or NTID. I changed my mind.  I decided to work For Citibank for 20 years.   It helped gain my experience and knowledge in business area.  In 2014, I had the urge to start my own business and began attending the DeafNation Expo to see what I could come up with and help others as well.

I’ve always felt that there was a missing niche that I could fill in. The idea of a videophone transmitter and a flasher came into my mind; I then began making designs for the device. This device was to help the deaf community and let them know that there was someone calling them on videophone via a visual wireless flasher.

The device came out in 2015 and was a hit among the deaf community. I realized that the demand for my visual wireless flasher was high, so I traveled around the US with the idea of distributing my product to those who need it. I also thought of a doorbell that will pair up with the visual flasher so that deaf people can see if there’s someone knocking at their door.

With the help of my deaf friends Joel Barish and Carlo Hernandez.  I was able to create a startup company and spread awareness with the help of business cards. I worked with a distribution company and produced a number of transmitter flashers. Then I brought the proposition over to Sorenson, a leader in videophones made for deaf people. They sold videophones to the deaf community all over the United States.

I spoke with the CEO of Sorenson, who liked the idea of a visual transmitter so much that they bought a huge number of visual transmitters to accompany their videophones. The company bought my deaf transmitter units in bulk and packaged it along with their line of products. The visual transmitter proved to be a great success!

As of the moment, I am currently working on a new device that enables the deaf community to use a remote to control the visual transmitter via an adapter and lighting in the house.

My best-selling products that are aimed towards helping deaf people are the following:

  1. Smart Doorbell
  2. Video Phone Transmitter
  3. Smart Plug/ Smart Plug Remote
  4. Wireless Flasher
  5. Video Doorbell

I am happy to say that my products are well-received by the deaf community.  Today, I am the proud owner and CEO of Nopadol Business Group Inc.  I love helping out my fellow deaf community with innovative devices that help them hear the world better using visual cues.