1. How long is the warranty for each product? 

The warranty is for one year.

2. The remote receiver isn’t working but signaler is. How do I fix this?

Please check the following to troubleshoot:

  1. If the receiver is not paired with the transmitter wireless encoding, please turn the transmitter and receiver‘s code to the same location.
  2. Check whether the receiver power or battery is normal, check whether the battery power of the transmitter is too low and the signal is weak?
  3. Check that the distance between the transmitter and the receiver exceeds the remote control distance of the product, or the multiple concrete walls between the transmitter and receiver, The signal is severely attenuated.

2. How often should I change the doorbell and VP transmitter battery?

Depending on different users use frequency, usually, a battery can use about a year.  If the light flash is insufficient, please replace the battery.

3. Why is the light flash on and not flashing?

Please check:

  1. The LED mode selector switch in the receiver is in the flash position
  2. The battery of the receiver is too low

4. Is the doorbell waterproof/water resistant?

The doorbell transmitter can only withstand minimal water. It is recommended the devices be stored or placed in areas where water exposure is minimal to avoid damaging the product

5. Why is the flashers flickering?

Check the battery charge of the receiver.

6. How far can the doorbell transmit signal to the wireless flasher?

The open space is about 200 meters in a straight line.

7. If the flasher is not working with doorbell or VP, check if the security code matches each other.

  1. Check that the wireless coding of the wireless transmitter and receiver are matching
  2. Check if the battery is properly installed and that the battery is full charge

8. How do I switch white light to red light?

Please open the back lid of the transmitter and push the test key to change light color

9. Why does the Smart Doorbell not work and flasher is working?

If the remote control doesn’t work, you need to replace the remote control.  The new remote control is paired with the flash receiver, so the flash receiver can work properly.

10. My VP is ringing, but the VP transmitter is not working.  Why?

Please check the battery power of VP transmitter and replace the battery.

11.  What is the RETURN POLICY?

You have 7 days to return your product with full refund.  You have 14 days to exchange your product.